The Will To Survive

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goddamn it still feels like a knife
i never got her outta my mind
i wanna go to bed and it's nine
no motivation

i wanna live a happy life
be someone's ideal type
I wanna be the guy that she likes
but no motivation

well no man is an Island
well what am i then?
i got a voice
but it sounds a lot like silence
a tree falls in a forest that doesn't exist anymore

can't get a leg up
just wanna give up
i never feel good without my makeup
a tree falls in a forest that doesn't exist anymore

we're going faster now
racing toward the light
the miracle of life
the birth of jesus christ
the body carries on
when all your hope is gone
the middle of my mind
i got the will to survive

obsessed with how she thinks of me
regret the things i said last week
all the stress makes me want to eat
got no motivation

regret the way I said what I said
regret the things I think in my head
regret spending all day in my bed
no motivation


from CA​$​H MA​$​HINE, released May 1, 2014



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