Paycheck 2 Paycheck

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I met you girl on wednesday now I'm asking for a date
you think im kinda fruity and you're not sure what to think
but from my point of view girl - there ain't nothing to fret about

i want to make your heart feel like its in a race
bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing cause you just got so excited
but you should know by now there's no need to feel so wired
cause da sandman's coming down and he ain’t bringing spiders

gonna give you space feel like this ain't a mistake
as Im walking to my car you have time to escape
but you're intuition tells you that there might be something good if you linger
you think its a mistake but then I put a ring on your finger

whoa whoa you!
tell me what you want to do!
you’re alone and its a friday
let’s tear up the highway
look at that nice sunset
i want to touch your shoulders
if that’s not too forward

credit where credit is do
jumping to my rescue
I just think your’e so cool
fancy leather lacket
I love the way you’re looking at me
tell me how you do it

I wanna take you out take you to a distant place
im gonna make you wish that your ass was in my face
unless you're not amused? I take that back, my sense of humor
unless you like it baby you want baby should have told me sooner!

you should know by now that there is no right or wrong
there’s only what I want
and I want to have it all
but if you’ll be my bad girl
I’ll be your tuxedo
the sandman is coming down
he’s wearing a speedo

paycheck to paycheck
never having near enough
paycheck to paycheck
come on baby live it up!

every other weekend
spending time with your kids
every other weekend
giving all that we can give


from CA​$​H MA​$​HINE, released May 1, 2014



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