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had to do it


released May 1, 2014

ww w. cars. auto
would like to thank everyone

Jason Stanek: Bass
Brandon Mutschler: Guitar, vocals
Joey Joey Michaels: Keyboard, Vocals
Jared Fette: Drums

all songs and song concepts by God

Tracks (2,6,8) Recorded and mixed by Elliot Snyder at his old house
Tracks (1,3,4,5,7) Recorded and mixed by Jason Stanek at my house and
his house

Mastered by Elliot Snyder



all rights reserved

about Minneapolis, Minnesota

nothing here

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Track Name: Take Me To The Movies
when you take me to the movies
make me feel groovy baby
but you never gonna ask me what you gonna ask me

so i try to make it easy
try hard to make it easy for you girl
pretend like I don't notice but I really notice

all the things that I said at dinner
or the way i get excited when you looking at me
thought we had a real connection
guess i was wrong

i know that people talk about me
and i know the kind things they say
they say I'm never gonna get some cause of my religion

no the other girls won't touch me
I think they don't like how it is I be talking to them
are you gonna touch my cancer?
daddy needs an answer
Track Name: Army Soldiers
yeah driving
100 mph
thru da trenches
can you feel my power

they say I got no business here
let me make myself clear
i say I'm only trying to be a good friend to her

one man invasion
six foot tall Caucasian
Liberation ain't no daydream

ima take you over
ima army solider
ima take u over
ima army soldier

you don't love me
don't wanna hear about it
you gotta BF
don't wanna hear about it

they say the game is already done
it's 55 to 1
i never put my stock in reality

one man invasion
six foot tall Caucasian
Liberation ain't no daydream

they tell me, private
your behavior
its indecent (erratic)
out of character

you act lazy
at times violent
you've seen a lot of action
you don't need any more
Track Name: Paycheck 2 Paycheck
I met you girl on wednesday now I'm asking for a date
you think im kinda fruity and you're not sure what to think
but from my point of view girl - there ain't nothing to fret about

i want to make your heart feel like its in a race
bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing cause you just got so excited
but you should know by now there's no need to feel so wired
cause da sandman's coming down and he ain’t bringing spiders

gonna give you space feel like this ain't a mistake
as Im walking to my car you have time to escape
but you're intuition tells you that there might be something good if you linger
you think its a mistake but then I put a ring on your finger

whoa whoa you!
tell me what you want to do!
you’re alone and its a friday
let’s tear up the highway
look at that nice sunset
i want to touch your shoulders
if that’s not too forward

credit where credit is do
jumping to my rescue
I just think your’e so cool
fancy leather lacket
I love the way you’re looking at me
tell me how you do it

I wanna take you out take you to a distant place
im gonna make you wish that your ass was in my face
unless you're not amused? I take that back, my sense of humor
unless you like it baby you want baby should have told me sooner!

you should know by now that there is no right or wrong
there’s only what I want
and I want to have it all
but if you’ll be my bad girl
I’ll be your tuxedo
the sandman is coming down
he’s wearing a speedo

paycheck to paycheck
never having near enough
paycheck to paycheck
come on baby live it up!

every other weekend
spending time with your kids
every other weekend
giving all that we can give
Track Name: Bad Boy
wish I was a bad boy
throw her on the bed
fuck her like a bronco
light a cigarette

stare off in the distance
my hand in her hair
you know that I love you
you know that I don't care

hanging with the boys again
whisky in my hand
with my girl it is casual
I'm perfectly ok with that

when I'm getting quiet
my thoughts are getting deep
i wanna keep you safe from me
and my 9 inch dick
Track Name: Shitty Blues
i'm walking in the bar when you see me
you smile a big smile what I like to see
i buy a vodka cran we talk about sports
but that shit if boring so we talk about snacks
if there's anyone in here's got objection to this you better speak now
before i give this girl a kiss

come for the body
stay for the brain
i think that our ideas are mostly the same
we both believe that the system is a flawed
but there's something else that works I'm talking about my log (your legs, something complimentary?)
it's summer time girl and the feeling is right, so get on off your fat ass and give me a kiss.

talking bout suicide was a big miss
i brought it up on accident
i tried real fast to cover it up
but in the end i looked up at her to face my fate
she said baby boy i don't care if you friend has died
cause I'm looking at your log and i want it inside
Track Name: Let's Start A Country
ive out on an island
don't eat anything with eyes and
since I never seen a carrot move
at least not of its own behalf
spend the whole afternoon
thinking what I'm making you
nothing ever ever going ever wrong
living in a vacuum!

could u do some of the legwork?
like filling out the forms and stuff?
cause I'm a little busy
thinking what I'm making u
tonite it's donut casarole
tomorrow morning donuts plain
cuz I know we both like donuts baby
yes that's what I'm saying

so i did a little research
up late on this website
turns out you can't just do this type of thing
in fact its sort of regulated
cause everybody wants to get away
but no one ever does
they just get used to bullshit
let's not let that happen to us!
Track Name: The Will To Survive
goddamn it still feels like a knife
i never got her outta my mind
i wanna go to bed and it's nine
no motivation

i wanna live a happy life
be someone's ideal type
I wanna be the guy that she likes
but no motivation

well no man is an Island
well what am i then?
i got a voice
but it sounds a lot like silence
a tree falls in a forest that doesn't exist anymore

can't get a leg up
just wanna give up
i never feel good without my makeup
a tree falls in a forest that doesn't exist anymore

we're going faster now
racing toward the light
the miracle of life
the birth of jesus christ
the body carries on
when all your hope is gone
the middle of my mind
i got the will to survive

obsessed with how she thinks of me
regret the things i said last week
all the stress makes me want to eat
got no motivation

regret the way I said what I said
regret the things I think in my head
regret spending all day in my bed
no motivation